Future life with Fiveways School
“What does a good life look like for me now and in the future?”

Work Experience

At Fiveways we are keen to promote the idea of work and work related learning across the school.

We expect all year groups to do meaningful jobs around the school including showing visitors around, putting chairs away after assembly and delivering fruit and registers. All year groups take part in aspirational assemblies about the working world and class teachers provide encounters with employers as part of regular activities, all activities are skilfully adapted to take into account the needs of individual learners.

At Key Stages 3 and 4 our learners get out into the community regularly, experiencing places of work and going to the shops, they may visit some of the work experience placements offered in 6th Form, contribute to whole-school enterprise projects or open their own café!

In the 6th Form our learners start to think more explicitly about work and the sorts of jobs they would like to do as appropriate to their strengths and needs. In Year 12 and 13 they may take on an internal work experience placement, which could be in the school kitchen, helping in class, caretaking or shredding in the office.

In Years 12, 13 and 14 some of our young people will go out and take part in external work experience placements and encounter work in a way which is appropriate to them in the wider community.  They can do this by delivering leaflets, working in a café, office based activities and gardening in a private or commercial setting. Our learners may also learn how to travel more independently and our sensory learners will find meaningful opportunities in the community and working world based on their likes and dislikes.

We have worked hard to develop relationships with local businesses such as The Field Project in Baltonsborough and Ham Hill

If you are an employer and feel that you could offer an experience of work to any of our young people we would love to hear from you.
Please contact the school office directly office@fiveways.school