Future life with Fiveways School
“What does a good life look like for me now and in the future?”

Health Promotion and Education

Learning to brush my teeth

Fiveways pupils learn the importance of brushing their teeth and take part in a daily tooth brushing program, encouraging independence and good life long habits.

The school is currently using the Big Brush Club supervised Toothbrushing toolkit.

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Learning personal hygiene routines

Pupils have had to learn the importance of regular hand washing throughout the recent pandemic. At school we continue to reinforce good personal hygiene, at regular intervals during the day. We encourage pupils to take as much responsibility for their own care as they can.

Learning self care skills for life

Pupils will learn appropriate self care skills during their school life, gradually increasing their independence in preparation for adult life. Skills will often be part of their Personal Learning Goals (PLGs) 

Learning about sun protection

At Fiveways we love to be outside, whatever the weather! Pupils learn the importance of sun protection and how to dress appropriately for different types of weather. With support they learn how to apply sun cream themselves and to take responsibility for dressing appropriately for the day’s weather conditions.