Awards and Accreditation

Our young people will be working towards a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award during their time in 6th Form. We will be following the four Duke of Edinburgh strands as follows:


6th Form students continue to work and build on their Communication and Interaction goals.


6th Form students take part in a wide range of physical activities so they can continue to strengthen and enjoy their own physical skills. This may include sessions on Thunder, Rebound, Hydrotherapy sessions and physical activities within the community.



6th Form students are encouraged to understand the importance of volunteering and undertake voluntary work both within the school and the wider community.



6th Form students may get the opportunity to spend a night away from home to experience what it might be like to live independently.

Here at Fiveways the award programme we use in the 6th Form is called AQA, which provides a framework of activities to develop skills within a variety of subjects and within a sensory and physical curriculum.  There is an achievement continuum which we use to measure and record our young people’s learning from encounter and sensory experience through to gestural and spoken and signed help.

In Class 5 our young people work on a number of Transition Challenge modules appropriate to their interests and needs including sensory activities and those relating to independent living and personal skills, they produce a wonderful portfolio of work reflecting their efforts and receive a nationally acknowledged award from ASDAN at Presentation Evening at the end of the course.

In 6th Form we the following modules:

Multisensory Experiences

6th Form students take part in a wide variety of different sensory experiences and their progress is recorded to help them achieve their personal learning goals in each activity.

Independent Living

6th Form students learn and are assessed on the skills they learn in readiness for their lives in the future. This may be in planning meals, cooking, shopping, cleaning and laundry.


Healthy Living