School Dinners and Nutrition

Jo is the Catering Manager for Fiveways School, working alongside Jen and Sam, her assistants, they provide healthy, nutritious and most importantly tasty food for pupils at Fiveways School. The team take great pride in providing a variety of food throughout the week to meet pupil’s individual needs, including different fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses and different types of meat and fish. When necessary the menu can be adapted to allow for pupil’s who need dry or blended foods or have other dietary requirements. All meals are made on site in Fiveways’ own kitchen with fresh, sustainable ingredients that are locally sourced where possible. They are trained in allergen management and follow Government nutritional standards.

Jo encourages pupils to take an active role in the lunchtime routine, getting them to help her with the menus. Menus are displayed in picture, symbol and written form to allow pupil’s to clearly understand what is for dinner each day. Jo takes time to work with pupils, gathering feedback about their likes and dislikes. At Fiveways we believe that lunch time and the consumption of food is an important learning experience that should be an enjoyable and engaging time to share with friends and staff. Pupils are encouraged to become as independent as possible and where appropriate to help others by setting tables, collecting equipment and clearing and cleaning after dinner.

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If you have any questions regarding the provision of school dinners at Fiveways please contact the school directly or email