Health Support - Key Information


Please telephone the school by 8.15am if your child/young person is absent from school for any reason. However, if they have a planned medical appointment, please complete the Medical Appointment Notification Form in your child’s/young person’s Home School Book or you can print a copy here Medical Appointment Notification Form 

Infection Control:

Any pupil who experiences unusual diarrhoea and/or vomiting are required to stay away from school for 48 hours, after the last bout. More detailed information is available in the school’s Attendance Policy – November 2020

If your child is suffering from fever, excessive cold symptoms or flu please keep them at home until they recover in order to avoid passing infections on to other pupils and staff. More information is available in the Home School Book (Infection Control Table)

Manual Handling:

For all our children/young people who need it we define specific manual handling arrangements in an individualised Manual Handling Risk Assessment.

Slings / Hoisting:

It is often time consuming and uncomfortable for children to have their slings guided into position around them. As the majority of our students have in-chair slings we request that all pupils who have a sling and require hoisting, arrive in school with their named sling correctly positioned in their chair.


Although useful to know, it is often difficult to weigh children and young people who are normally hoisted. As we have hoist scales in school, please just let us know if you would like us to weigh your child, by putting a note in their Home School Book.


Any pupil who requires medication to be given in school, either regularly or on a temporary basis must have a completed Administration of Medication Form which can be found in your child’s/young person’s Home School Book or you can print a copy here Administration of Medication Form.  All medication must be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name, date, prescribed dose and administration details.

Enteral Feeding Clinics:

Pupils who require gastrostomy feeding can be seen at school in a clinic which parents are welcome to attend. 

First Aid:

All school staff are trained in first aid and will gain the ‘First Aid in School’s’ qualification’

Pupil Care Plans:

All pupils who need specific health care needs have individualised Pupil Health Care Plans

Personal Evacuation Plans:

All pupils have a Personal Evacuation Plan

Tooth Brushing:

The school is part of a tooth brushing scheme so, with parental consent, pupils will be supported to brush their teeth after lunch.


Any pupil who experiences any form of incontinence MUST wear appropriate swimwear products in order to access the school hydrotherapy/swimming pool.


The Orthotist from Yeovil District Hospital visits the school regularly. You are welcome to be present for these appointments. Contact Paula if you have any questions regarding referral.

Children’s Integrated Therapy Services:

Somerset Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists can be contacted on 01935 848246

Paediatric Continence Nurse Specialist:

Dee Taylor is the Incontinence Nurse in our area. She can be contacted by

Wheelchair and Equipment Servicing and Repairs:

Millbrook Healthcare can be contacted on 0333 003 5621 or
email: (for wheelchairs)
0333 003 2407 (for other equipment)
If you arrange for them to make a repair in school, please would you let the school know in advance.