MOVE and Mobility

Fiveway’s School uses the MOVE programme to ensure that all pupils are given opportunities throughout their school day and week to use and improve their movement skills. This in turn, improves their independence, sense of well being and fitness.

What is MOVE?

MOVE is a programme for pupils of all ages who have not achieved their movement skills as expected, for what ever reason. MOVE allows staff to identify which movement skills a pupil has gained, what support they need and then develops a plan to improve these skills and progress to the next level. MOVE covers skills from sitting with full support to walking up and down stairs unaided. MOVE happens not just in specifically timetabled session but is part of all areas of the curriculum and school day

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My child has a physiotherapy programme. How will this link in with MOVE?

At Fiveway’s School we have close links with the Integrated Therapy Service – Somerset Community Health NHS Therapy Service for Children and Young People.

Therapists regularly visit pupils in school to implement and review therapy programmes and ensure that MOVE is complementary to this and vice versa. Fiveway’s employs a MOVE Coordinator three days per week specifically to help with MOVE. There is an extensive program to train staff to MOVE Practitioner level.

The Fiveway’s MOVE Coordinator is Charlotte (Moday, Tuesday, Friday)

There are pupils who are not known to NHS therapy services who also benefit from the MOVE programme.

How MOVE works

All pupils on the MOVE programme are assessed using a top down assessment profile, to find out what skills they currently have. Where appropriate we ask the individual if they have any Goals they wish to achieve, should they be unable to make that decision we will talk with the parents or carers to assertain goals which could be something to work towards: in the future, now or that may help the desires of the family/carers.When the goals have been set they are shared with the parents/carers to allow them to practice the skills at home to provide ample opportunities for the individual to progress in differing environments. These Goals also form part of the individuals personal learning goals so they are embedded into teaching and learning throughout the school day.
Parents and carers are encouraged to help with MOVE especially at weekends and over school holidays.


My MOVE challenge chart
My SuperMOVErs challenge chart
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Benefits of MOVE:

“We are all working towards the same goal”

“Moving becomes part of the curriculum /school day not just a timeslot once per day”

“Children grow in their confidence to move and achieve greater independence”

“Children learn more when they can control their bodies and make their own choices”

“Small steps are recognised and celebrated”