Communication Technology

High – tech Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCA) 

High-Tech communication systems are electronic devices often referred to as Voice Output Communication Aid (VOCA) or Speech Generated Devices (SGDs). These can be divided into static displays where all of the vocabulary are constantly displayed on the device and dynamic displays which enable access to multiple pages of vocabulary.  The programmes can be tailored and adapted according to the level and needs of the pupil. The pupil accesses the vocabulary by touching a word/symbol or sequence of words/symbols which then produce speech output. This enables the pupil to learn to develop a range of functional communication; these include greeting others, making choices and decisions, commenting, expressing opinions and giving information.

Mid – tech devices

Mid-tech devices are battery-operated devices that show vocabulary on a static board. The sign of the mid-tech devices can range from a single switch, iTalk2 through to GoTalk displays.