Communication and Interaction

Communication Strategies

Here at Fiveways we strongly believe that communication is the centre of all learning and the core focus for pupils throughout the curriculum. Everyone has the right to communicate and we strive to promote pupil choice, control and independence. The specialist Communication and Interaction Team works collaboratively with staff and parents to break down individual barriers to communication, to develop their voice and reach their full potential.

All pupils have a communication profile. This provides key information of an individual’s level of communication ability and how best to support their speech, language and communication needs.

We offer a range of assessments and work with teachers to set and monitor personal learning targets. Pupils have the opportunity to access a range of tailored programmes to develop speech, expressive language, comprehension and social interaction skills.

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Meet the Team

Claire Theobald – Communication and Interaction Lead

Jane Tucker – Communication and Interaction Assistant

Inclusive Communication Environment

Fiveways School strives to create supportive, inclusive communication environments. We embrace and value all forms of communication equally and emerge these strategies within our classrooms and areas across the school. We strongly believe in supporting our pupils to have the best opportunities to develop language and learn how to use their communication effectively. We facilitate the Aided language modelling approach where we use the pupil’s communication devices as we speak. This involves pointing to vocabulary on communication books, learning grids (also known as activity displays or communication charts) and voice output devices whilst talking naturally. Through showing the pupil’s how to use their language in context repeatedly and consistently they will learn how to communicate meaningfully.

We are able to offer a range of specific alternative and augmentative communication (ACC) strategies.

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