Hydrotherapy Pool

Our Pool

Warm water provides an excellent environment for children with complex disabilities to enjoy a variety of health promoting, stimulating activities; relief from pain, improved circulation, reduction of spasms and a freedom of movement not possible elsewhere. Water also assists the movement of limbs and provides a resistance against which our children can build up strength.

Our pool provides a multi sensory environment comprising a range of sound and lighting schemes that create a rich therapeutic, learning and leisure environment. The hoisting system and appropriate toilet, shower and changing facilities enable our pupil’s’s to access this valuable resource as well as providing a much valued community resource for people with disabilities in South Somerset.



Halliwick Swimming Therapy

At Fiveways we use the Halliwick Concept to encourage our pupil’s, through one to one support to be confident, move and float in the water without the use of an aid. Songs and activities are used to work on specific skills such as kicking and floating. The emphasis is on enjoying being in the water, communicating, socialising and learning in a safe and fun environment.

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