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Monday 20th July 
Hello Everyone,
I hope you are all happy and well. This week, I started my summer holiday doing one of my favourite pastimes…….SWIMMING!
I just love swimming…….do you? If you go swimming over the summer, always remember to stay safe and make sure an adult is with you at all times.
Click here, to see what I find when I’m  swimming in the river!
I have really enjoyed seeing all your pictures and hearing about the things you have been getting up to at home. 
Hope you all have an enjoyable and safe summer and I look forward to seeing you back at Fiveways next term.
Have fun and remember to stay safe!!
Love from Stanley      xxx

Thursday 16th July – I love Kipper books! I think we have read them all now.
Kipper loves you too!!!

Monday 13th July – Enjoying our new summerhouse! And we had slowworm in the garden x     

Monday 13th July – Loving his trampoline time with big bruv!

Thursday 9th July – Making my bug hotel!!! And looking forward to getting some bugs move in!!!

Thursday 9th July – First trip back to our local park took his pet caterpillars for a walk loving his big ball  and fun with bricks even wanted new shoes made out of bricks

Monday 6th July – Chocolate birds nests!!
Well done young man, Laura will be proud of you   

Monday 6th July – Amazing day! his 14th birthday!
We are so delighted, as he also received Star of the Week award on Friday!    

Thursday 2nd July – Abbotsbury gardens for my nature find worksheet then a quick stop at the beach!

Monday 29th June – Paddling pool joy!

Thursday 25th June – Far too hot for any school work today  having lots of fun in his new paddling pool even stood up after an hour very proud of him and he was very proud of himself  xx

Wednesday 24th June – Click here to see what this fabulous young lady chooses

Wednesday 24th June – A happy chap busy as usual painting to make his musical shaker, teabags painting, exploring the front garden and of course smiles   

Wednesday 24th June  Exploring Sherborne Castle

 Monday 22nd June – Click here to listen to DD read the prayer she wrote and will be reading for her school Virtual Praise Assembly…she won a star for it! 

Click here for a printable copy of DDs Prayer written in symbols 

Monday 22nd June –  Very enthusiastic about doing his work sheets and made a great effort with what he completed and wanted to make sure Linda could see what he has been upto. He also had music with sadie which was great fun!    

Friday 19th June – Click here to see Lockdown Ukulele Lesson with Sadie

Wednesday 17th June
Transition time, new challenges and exciting new opportunities

Wednesday 17th June 
Transitioning to the 6th Form – Goodbye old green school uniform…hello adult life!
What do you think lads?

Wednesday 17th June  
Hello Everyone,
I am really enjoying reading all your news from home and seeing all the photographs of the amazing things you are getting up to. It’s great to see you working hard and having lots of fun!
I’ve also been having fun this week. Dad left some of my tasty dog biscuits in the garden and, when he wasn’t looking, I helped myself to a few! Dad didn’t mind too much but reminded me that, next time, I ought to politely ask for a biscuit rather than help myself.
Click here if you want to see what happened.
Hope you have a good week.
Love from Stanley      xxx

Tuesday 16th June – Doing some great walking and listening at Westbay! 

May 2020 – Proud Special Star Winner 

Monday 15th June – Feeding the ducks 🦆

Monday 15th June – Enjoying a bit of train spotting!    
Friday feeling aardman GIF on GIFER - by Thunderpick

Monday 15th June – This fabulous young man made us an afternoon tea this weekend, we used the recipe’s that were sent from school to make scones and tiffin, then he made some sandwiches. 

Friday 12th June – Stay Safe Sporting Super Star  

Tuesday 9th June – Click here to see Mr Independent topping up his Life Skills

Tuesday 9th June – Enjoying my scavenger hunt walk! We found lots to tick off my worksheet!
And making my bird feeder!

Tuesday 9th June – 
Hi Jen,
Thought you might like this screen grab of 6th Form’s fave dinner lady for the website!
She’s an absolute legend – asking after all the kids and has adopted and is using technology as if she is actually BILL GATES.
We love you Essie – stay well

Monday 8th June – Thought it was a good idea to throw his ball in the river!

Monday 8th June – Enjoying the sunshine and a pic of Dan’s magic bean experiment that went so well we have planted it.

Monday 8th June – A very happy little man loved the glasses case closing found it very funny followed by playing with happy land toys  making sticker pictures topped off with his lala icelolly.
As it world ocean day we played with our submarine had lots of bubbles, pretended to go fishing and made a boat. 

Monday 8th June – Enjoying a video with Dad sent by Rosie the Music Therapist
There are more music videos from Rosie to share – click here for a link to the ‘Music Together’ page


Monday 8th June – More sunflower seeds being planted – could this be this summers hottest competition?

 Monday 8th June – A quick dip at Weymouth

Friday 5th June – Who’s sunflower is going to be the biggest???

Friday 5th June – Nutella cookies he made were amazing! And a new piece of artwork for his new bedroom, he is a Doc Martin fan and this is where it is filmed! Happy boy! 

Friday 5th June – I really enjoy watching the bees in my flowers, but sometimes a lit
tle too closely!!! 

Friday 5th June – Making brownies and enjoying time in the garden last week

Wednesday 3rd June – I know I only sent you photos yesterday but I’m so so chuffed with my boy. He had just sat and engaged for over 20 mins doing this. From finding old cds in the loft, taking them out the boxes, choosing colours to draw on them, threading each one on string then hanging it up. He’s so proud of what he’s done. It’s not always the finished product but the process. It was a lovely shared experience and the cd mobile will stay up for some time as a reminder to us both.

Tuesday 2nd June – Happy to get dirty and mucky to put compost in the pots then plant the seeds. 
Well done for being the first seed sower in your class!

Tuesday 2nd June – working incredibly hard over the last couple of weeks! He has built up from not being able to go in to being able to now do over 30 minutes in his standing frame! We’ve distracted him with music, bubbles and shooting hoops! We’re all very proud of him! 

Monday 1st June – Keeping busy over the half term – click here to see how much faster my bike went after I washed it!

Thursday 28th May – Check out my new chair and watch me spin – click here

Tuesday 26th May – The post finally arrived!!!
Wow just received the special star award. By her reaction she knew exactly what it was. We are very proud and she is very happy with herself. Big celebration we are going too bake a cake to celebrate such an achievement.

Bank Holiday Weekend – In style!!!!

Bank Holiday Weekend – Keeping busy, painting, baking a banana cake, physio, out for a walk, lots of arts n crafts, playing in the garden and doing some great turn taking whilst playing bpop up Darth Vader. 

Friday 22nd May – Wow look at this independent young man!

Friday 22nd May – Lovely time making caterpillars from the hungry caterpillars. Fun in the garden and drawing on a balloon that kept wiggling which little man thought was great fun. And helping his sister do her ‘Egyptians’ school work, practising standing still whilst being wrapped like a mummy!

Friday 22nd May – Keeping busy the 6th Form way 

Wednesday 20th May – Building a tower, catching a ball and playing with my slinky 🟢
Attempting a walk around Sparkford
A trip to Weymouth ☀️🦆

VE Day Weekend – Hello there soldier!

Tuesday 19th May – It’s Stan here. I hope you all had a good weekend and see that many of you have been enjoying being outdoors. Dad made me a cake for the ‘Great Fiveways Bake Off.’ We had lots of fun together!
Click here to see Dad make my DOGGYDELICIOUS  ‘Meaty Dog Cake!’
I hope you had fun in the kitchen too! Have a good week.
Missing you.
Love Stanley      xxx

Tuesday 19th May – Really enjoyed her fry up! Trying new foods and being successful in chewing her food down nicely. She also got her new wheelchair and seating chair on Friday.

Tuesday 19th May –  Had great fun planting his seeds. Went out for a lovely walk followed by great hand washing as soon as we arrived home.

Tuesday 19th May – Had great fun making his earth with Shaving foam! He got very messy indeed! 

Tuesday 19th May – Making the most of the sunshine and helping paint the fence – Click here to see more of our lovely young man

Monday 18th May – Doing his seven little dwarf emotions in the mirror at home, happy, sad, grumpy and sleepy! 
Amazing effort!

Monday 18th May – I’ve been doing some great listening on my walks!! 

Monday 18th May – I was chuffed to get star of the week!!! I’ve been working hard on my movement and exercise! 

Monday 18th May – Enjoying the sunshine!

Thursday 14th May – Hi,  doing her earth hand print she wasn’t too keen on the texture while it was sticky but opened her hand to do the hand print. We mixed the colours a bit to much so was only left with green so we may not of got it quite right but we had fun doing it! 

Wednesday 13th May – Hello Everybody, 
It’s Stan here. I’ve had a busy day in the garden helping dad mow the lawn. We had lots of fun and made a video for you to watch and sing along to. 

Click here to watch us mow a meadow

We are really looking forward to taking part in ‘The Great Fiveways Bake Off’ this Friday and can’t wait to see photos of the cakes you make……. whatever they are made of! 
Happy baking and have fun! 
Love Stan 🐾 xx

Tuesday 12th May – Helping around the house and tidying up – what a wonderful young man you are!

Tuesday 12th May – Practising our physio and doing a funny walk!

Tuesday 12th May – Someone’s very pleased with being Star of the Week!
Relaxing at the VE day social distancing street party! Lots of tea, cake and chatting to the neighbours.

Monday 11th May – Are these gingerbread ladies? They look very beautiful….girl power!

VE Day Weekend – Celebrating in style 

Friday 8th May – Happy VE Day Folks. Union Jack Vanilla Loaf    

Friday 8th May – Hey pictures from yesterday morning before our shower we had great fun making jam tarts for our VE day party

Friday 8th May – Clapping for NHS and Key Workers
Well done young man keep up the noise!
Click here to see the rest of the country celebrating our fabulous key workers last night

Thursday 7th May – After a lazy few days we got stuck in with the class 2 activity and created earth. She loved the shaving foam and paint and got it everywhere! Good job we did it outside in the sunshine 

Thursday 7th May – Enjoying the sun and doing Dan’s magic bean 
experiment. We planted sunflowers and have also been doing work sheets

Thursday 7th May – Had a great afternoon baking cakes. I helped mix the ingredients together and even tasted some. I waited patiently for them to cool down before we could decorate them. 

Wednesday 6th May – Enjoying her hand massage, she had other ideas however about what the cucumber was for 🙂

Wednesday 6th May – Had great fun on the scavenger hunt and planting his sunflower seeds 🌻 after he found all the items on his scavenger hunt he had fun making mud pies in the mud kitchen with Florrie. he is now patiently waiting for them to grow!
A fun week. He’s enjoyed planting strawberry plants with Daddy Steve, sensory play with Florrie, he painted a t-shirt and had a neon party in his bedroom, he’s worked hard on his switch work and physio this week. 

Wow, what a busy week – keep up the great work young man

Wednesday 6th May – Some of my best bits during lockdown… so far 😊
Bubbles and water play 💦


Tuesday 5th May – Working on his Earth activity and creating some beautiful planets – well done young man Kirsten and Vicki will be very proud of you. 

Hello Everyone, 
It’s Stan here, I went for a lovely walk across the fields yesterday. When I returned back home I sat down with Dad to watch The ‘Move and Exercise’ video on the website. Brilliant work everybody!  I hope, like me, you are all keeping up with your exercise at home too! 
Love Stan 🐾

Tuesday 5th May – Hey one of our favourite programmes is Paddington so we all made a Paddington. He had great fun showing his Paddington all around very proud of the one he helped make. 

Tuesday 5th May – Finding it hard to sit down and engage in ‘work’ but has done really well walking Clemmie everyday, in all weathers, going a long way. He’s getting better at understanding we have to keep 2 metres away from everyone and waiting if people need to come past us safely. And getting ace at washing hands after being out and lots of times through the day.
Wow what an amazing young man and good friend to Clemmie!

Monday 4th May – Who has the best Stay at Home Haircut? Good effort lads!!!

Monday 4th May – Out on my daily walk and playing in the pool last week…let’s hope the sun comes out again soon 

Monday 4th May – Creating his den to play with his favourite toys and learning to play a new game at home with Dad and enjoying it! Well done young man.

Monday 4th May – Mum and I built a den/castle and enjoyed playing inside….you’ve got to catch me first though! 

Monday 4th May – It’s been very busy this week trying really hard and doing fantastic at sharing and taking turns at building towers and knocking them down. Keep up the good work Little Man 

Monday 4th May – Concentrating very hard on my worksheets tonight!


Friday 1st May – Making myself useful, helping out in the rain!

Thursday 30th April – This afternoon our lovely girl self fed herself some chocolate cake. Her eating has come on so much. She’s also done a lot of eye contact with us. 

Wednesday 29th April – Hello Everyone,
It’s Stan here. I decided to stay inside today because of the rain.  Dad read me my favourite  story again this afternoon. It’s called ‘Pat The Dog’ and is all about the time when Pat goes shopping for his friends. 
Bye for now,  love Stanley 🐾 xxxx          
Click here to listen to the story with Me and Stanley

Tuesday 28th April – Today I’ve been very helpful completing my chores which were unloading the dishwasher and wiping down the table. I also helped make some brownies. I enjoyed playing hungry hippos for ages and also showed mum I have learnt my passcode and can unlock my ipad all by myself! 

Tuesday 28th April – Painting his rainbow for the window – Wow, well done young man you should be able to see your’s from space!

Tuesday 28th April – Self isolation with cake!

Monday 27th April – Getting more brave every time! 

Monday 27th April – Really enjoyed planting her sunflowers! She loved squeezing the soil and got too excited and threw the bowl haha can’t wait to see them grow! 

Monday 27th April – Hiya, Here are a few pics – riding her bike outside, playing with our homemade play dough after Suzy gave us the recipe (thank you!). She’s also been for a walk with her sister and dog Whisky, bracelet making, lining up her stickers and water play outdoors with her sister. Hope you’re all keeping well, a big thank you for keeping the website updated etc, She has loved looking at the pics and watching the friday fitness video.

Monday 27th April – She has been working so hard in her walker and trike. Enjoyed a family walk and then had a BBQ.

Monday 27th April – Sunflower growing off to a good start! Well done young man.

Friday 24th April – He’s working super hard on his stretches daily and has been practising on his eye gaze every day too. He loved making challah bread for our food festival day and having a fake McDonald’s with his sister. He’s enjoyed being outside watching the bubbles and chalking on the walls. He enjoyed painting with Florence to send to his sister because he’s missing her lot. 

Thursday 23rd April – Doing his stretches and showing off his new skill  of  sitting with his crossed legs

Thursday 23rd April – I really enjoyed finger painting this special rainbow🌈, which now proudly  displayed on the window for everyone to see😊!! My little brother also took part in rainbow display😊🌈😊

Thursday 23rd April – Lunch with a sea view today, I was very good at understanding fantasy island was closed until the coronavirus has gone and just looked from a distance ♥ 

Thursday 23rd April – 
Hello Everyone,
It’s Stan here. I hope, like me, you have been enjoying the lovely sunny weather this week!  I sat out in the garden today and Dad read me ‘Pat the Dog’. It’s my favourite story. If you would like to hear it too, it will be on the Fiveways website soon. So keep a look out for it!
Keep up all the amazing work and activities you are doing at home …and keep on sending your photos in!
Love Stanley 🐾 xxxx

 Tuesday 21st April – Click here for more from this splendid young man  

Tuesday 21st April – A man of many talents but the disguise isn’t fooling anyone!   

Wednesday 22nd AprilClick here to see our gorgeous boy enjoying his garden

Tuesday 21st April – Loads of fun in the water!

Tuesday 21st April – Arcades at home! But couldn’t resist stealing the 2ps to ‘tap’!!!     


Monday 20th April – When you just want to be a pirate we practised walking the plank there was lots of water play and he helped make some yummy biscuits x

Monday 20th April – A young man of many talentsThe trike is ok but click here to see my vehicle of choice!

Monday 20th April – anyone for breakfast?

Thursday 16th April – It’s exhausting work being this cute – lucky there’s always time for a sunny siesta!

Thursday 16th April – Hello Everyone,
It’s Stanley here. I decided to have my tea in my garden today. I love my food and was wondering whether any of you would like to make some tasty treats for a doggy friend you know or have? If so, click here for lots of ideas. Please take some photos of your work to share on the website……….and remember to keep a tasty treat back for me! Have fun!
Love from Stan 🐾 xx

Wednesday 15th April – Managed a bit of exercise today! And a kind man let me go to his yard to visit his ice cream vans! I love watching icecream vans on my ipad! 

Easter Weekend – Easter egg hunt with my big brother…..Easter Bunny certainly didn’t ‘Stay at Home’ this year!!! Well done Spiderman

Easter Weekend – Baking banoffee pie…mmmm yum!

Easter weekend – Happy Easter!!! I managed to decorate my egg, followed by some yummy chocolate and a trip to the church, and a cheeky milkshake at Ham Hill admiring the view

Easter weekend – I’ve busy baking cakes and Easter rice krispies cakes, doing some worksheets and making strange creatures from egg boxes…and I still had time for some exercise on my trampoline…..Super Woman!

Easter weekend –  Absolutely been smashing sitting on her chair with no support and is her happiest when in her stander outside in the sunshine playing with her brother for messy play….this young lady’s ‘too cool for school’

Friday 10th April – Hello Everyone, It’s great to see your photos from home of the things you’ve been getting up to. What a busy lot you are! I’ve also been busy today getting ready for Easter. Why don’t you make a bonnet too? 
Keep on sending in your photos and news. 
Happy Easter!        Love from Stanley 🐾 xx

Thursday 9th April – Clapping for all the brave key workers tonight 
Your in good company click here to see Charlotte, Louis and George doing their bit!


 Wednesday 8th April – This is the life, hot chocolate and a foot soak.❤💚 

Wednesday 8th April – I have been enjoying the outside on my swing with bubbles and doing a great job using my VOCA. 

Wednesday 8th April – Well done young man – keep up the exercise! 

Wednesday 8th April – I managed a little exercise walk this morning in our friend’s field, we had to avoid the cows!!!   We tried some people art like Laura, Happy Easter everyone    And finished the day with some bounce action!! 

Wednesday 8th April – doing some counting and baking cakes. Guess which activity he enjoyed the most!!! 😆

Tuesday 7th April – I’ve been a very busy but very happy boy doing very well with my worksheets. I thought the pictures of teachers were very funny hence the zigzag. Followed by a beautiful afternoon in garden  

Tuesday 7th April – Hello Everybody, 
Hope you are all happy and well. Not much to report today, as I’ve been busy catching some rays in the back garden! Hope you have managed to enjoy some sunshine too. 🌞😎
Stay safe. 
Stan  xxx

Monday 6th April – Weekends are for taking it easy!

Friday 3rd April
Friday 3rd April – 6th Form postcard exchange off to a good start

   Friday 3rd April – Me and my mate Kiko

Friday 3rd April – Hello again everyone, it’s Stanley here,
I’ve been really enjoying looking at your photos from home and hearing about all the wonderful things you have been getting up to. You have certainly been busy! 
I’ve enjoyed some walks from my house this week and some time in my garden. I was a bit bored yesterday, so I decided to have a good look through the back porch bin for a tasty snack. Unfortunately I was caught! I’m in the dog house now (literally) and keeping out of everyone’s way today!
Keep sending in your fabulous photos and news.
Catch you next week!       Love Stan xxxx

Thursday 2nd April – Beautiful rainbow artwork and the neatest vegetable plot I’ve ever seen!! Keep up the good work.

Thursday 2nd April – We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re go to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We’re not scared.

Thursday 2nd April – I asked the class to send me a letter/ message – here’s the one I got back! ❤️😍

Thursday 2nd April – Beautiful piece of salt dough art work – well done Josh


Wednesday 1st April – I refused to do PE this morning with Joe Wickes, my bed was just toooo comfy, but enjoyed watching mum jump about!

I haven’t felt myself today but managed a bit of stirring to help mum bake brownies…..mmmm yum!

Wednesday 1st April – cracking on with some work, I tried really hard today – well done young man

Tuesday 31st March – Our little man enjoying the garden…Well done Mr T keep up the good work.

Tuesday 31st March – There must be a lot of very jealous men up and down the country!

Tuesday 31st March – Chasing the Rainbow artwork….Fantastic!  

Monday 30th March – Hello Everybody, 
Decided to have a duvet day today. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat……… A bit like my Dad really! 
Stay safe, 
Love Stan xx
Stan is following government advice to follow a regular routine for his mental wellbeing – well done Stan!!

Monday 30th March – wonderful rainbow artwork from our young man in Class 5 – are you going to put it up in the window for the whole world to see?

Tuesday 31st March – This is the finishing touches and up in my bedroom window

Friday 27th March – Our little man has been keeping busy with Joe Wicks, playing and riding bikes in the garden too. He’s been amazing on his voca asking for new things.


Wednesday 25th March
Hello Everybody,
I had fun playing in the garden today then came indoors to do some more drawing and colouring. I thought your mums, dads and carers would like to see one of my cartoons…..
Love from Stanley

Wednesday 25th March – Doing my morning exercises….but who’s is the stray foot?

   Wednesday 25th March – Keeping busy and making myself useful at home 

Thursday 26th March – Mum and I had already made this as Todd asked for a syrup cake for his birthday. We looked at the website while it was cooking. Great minds………..its just come out the oven, would you like some, I’m making custard in a minute! Yum yum!  Love x

Tuesday 24th March – Me and my mate making the best of things at home. There might be less walkies but loving the attention! 

Friday 20th March – My homework – make a cake completely independently by the end of the summer….easy!

Monday 23rd March – Just had a hand massage whilst sat on my new trampoline to encourage some exercise. 😊 Hope you are all keeping well.


Monday 23rd March – Stanley is enjoying the sunshine and fresh air at a safe distance. He is missing all his friends at Fiveways and looks forward to seeing you all again soon! xxx