Sensory Stories

Enjoying a Sensory Story story together is an opportunity to experience a story using all your senses rather than depending on spoken language. This makes it inclusive and enables everyone to share the fun whether on an individual basis or within a family or group. Great for exploring sensory preferences, building opportunities for individuals to communicate their likes and dislikes while enjoying the story.
Within a story we can explore things that can be overwhelming in everyday life safely and at our own pace, building on these experiences each time. Practising interacting with different sensory experiences in this way can help with fears and challenges around sensations eg. wet, messy, sticky, noisy, smelly!
Don’t be afraid to adapt any story, using any resources you have to hand or make up your own. Pause at each stage and give plenty of time for exploration. Repetition is really important, this will enable expression of preference and will give time to practice and build confidence in experiencing sensations.

Click here to hear Kath’s story about her ‘feelings butterfly’
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